Being Honest . . . No kidding!


Being Honest . . . No kidding!


Personal Honesty

We’re getting down to the core.  Here is the greatest tip to connect with yourself and others.  Be honest!  With regard to personal and professional relationships, there is nothing more important than being honest.  We think we are honest, but more often than not, we are not really honest. Only when we are honest with ourselves, can we be honest with others. Why is this important?  When we’re honest, people “get us”. We often think we can trick people using our mask. BTW, it never works. So for others we  need to be honest, but more importantly we get to be honest with ourselves first. . . For you, and me!  Why? Because we are not authentic honest. We only get to grow when we are authentically ourselves. If you are truthful about your life with yourself right now, what would you admit to your self? If you were really true to yourself what would you say your internal conversation really is? When we become clear about ourselves, only then can we become clear to others. It is a work in progress. I struggle with this every day! The more authentic I become, the more I can relate others. When I don’t, I’m just playing “my game”. What kind of a game do you want to play? Do you want to play all out, to win, or to be right? Or do you want to play, to play?

Only when we are playing all out, totally being honest, with ourselves first, then other,s do we really find progress. What do you want from your life? We all wear masks. Are you willing to drop them? I am. I have enjoyed 18 years of coaching thousands of executives. I have no clue about how to social network. See. . . There’s honesty. But say it, be clean, and learn. Do you want to connect with others? Whether it be your wife, your kids, your colleagues, your direct reports, your boss? The past way to connect, is to be completely honest with yourself, and then others. There is nothing that sounds like the truth, like the truth!  please be truthful with your self. Then you can be truthful with others. Then you can make a huge difference. Play large. It all starts with you. It all starts with me. I am a work in progress, and so are you. I don’t know you. But I still love you. Because that’s the contribution I want to make. Hope this helps. Stay close another blog in a couple of days. Dan Foxx.



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