How to be a great leader. . .#1


How to Be A Great Leader . . .

Your direct reports are not Pawns on your Chessboard.

How to be a great leader #1.  why#1 ?  Because the topic of leadership is so large it can’t be handled in one blog. But this is #1, because it’s the best place to start. You know you’re a good leader if you look behind you and notice that you have willing followers. Why are they following you?  Because they care.  A manager manages. A leader leads. As a leader, that means you set the tone, you create the example. You are the first one “through the door”.  People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  Please read that last sentence again. Take a big magic marker and scroll that sentence large on a piece of paper, and then post it on the mirror of your bathroom.  Do you care for those who report to you? Or are they just in the way of you creating your success.

I love you. I don’t know you. . . But I care.  I really do.  That may mean that I have to be rigorous with you, as long as you are willing to continue to read. Please don’t be offended. I’m not into you liking me. I am into your leadership success.

In business, it may seem inappropriate to truly care about your direct reports. It makes the idea of business personal. By the way, leadership is in fact personal! Your team are not pawns on your chessboard. They are people with frustrations, angst, and human stories that get in their way, just like you . . . just like me. You matter, they matter, I matter. When we get that individually, and collectively that we matter, that’s a good start. In business . . . love yourself . . . love them.  Love what you do, or do something else.  Get off your back, so, as a leader you can then get off their backs.  Care.  Truly care.  As their leader, they will get it.  Nothing sounds like the truth, LIKE THE TRUTH.  We often think we can “snow” people.  We can’t!  They get us.  We would not like to be, but we are transparent.  People just don’t feel comfortable telling us that they in fact see us as who we really are.  So to start being a brilliant leader that you really are, be clean with yourself, so you can be clean with others. They will totally respect you for being authentically you. You hold their careers, to some point in your hands. That is a responsibility. Please be responsible for your responsibility. Let me know if you like the blog, or if you don’t. Stay close. I’ll blog again in a couple of days.


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