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One-on-one Executive Coaching

One on one executive coachingYou get the best of what I have learned about business success over the last 35 years.  I have helped over 400 CEOs, and a few thousand V.Ps unlock their leadership.  In these sessions, you get to address what is facing you right now.  I not only help you find the right answer to the issue, but also help you discover what has been emotionally standing in the way of you discovering the “blind spot” on your own.  “If you give a man to fish, you feed them for a day – if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”  One-on-one coaching, in my mind, is not necessarily a long term thing.  It is to help you see what you need to see about yourself, in a professional and loving way (which sometimes looks like “in your face”) so you can grow on your own going forward.  I am not committed to just helping you with the issues you are facing today, I AM COMMITTED to helping you see what may be basic in your soul, that prevents you from growing on your own.  How long does it take?  I have met with some clients for one time.  I have worked with leaders who want to continue to take new ground constantly through their career, and have met with them, monthly, for over five years.  I have dozens of clients that have left, through M/A, or IPO and moved on to a new play, that have called me back to start over again.  The average number of months that clients have chosen to work with me is 11 months.  When I work with a client in one-on-one coaching, there is no contract.  So you start when you want, and stop when you want.  If you want to see how powerful this work can be, click here to see our client testimonials

Off-Site Facilitation

Offsite FacilitationOnce a client knows us, and how we can empower their leadership, they often ask us to deliver many of the powerful leadership training principles to their teams.  Off-sites are dynamic.  Every team is different.  So we address them in an open and highly interactive way.  They learn how to: find their passion, turn it into commitment, create alignment within the team, and create a strategic plan to accomplish their common commitment.  Our goal at the end of the offsite is for your team to: discover what has been standing in their way as a group in working effectively together, empower their hearts to want to change, develop their strategic goal, and plan, commit to that plan, and know exactly when and how they are going to disseminate and lead their direct reports to accomplish their goals.

Leadership Training Videos

Video IconWe have taken the best leadership advice, coaching, and training, and incorporated them into a continuing series of short downloadable videos.  While they are short, so you can watch them in the airport, they are packed with nuggets of how to leadership power.  We use our clients, our experience, and mostly our blog to determine what to put into our next video series.  “If you have a question, or feeling ‘pain’ about a topic, it is very likely that many others will feel that pain also.”  You get one per week, for a very small subscription fee.  Here is a list of video topics available now:

  • Intro: The Ten Steps to Feeling: Alive, Successful, Fulfilled and Proud of Yourself.
  • There Isn’t Always a Tomorrow! The Gift of Today!  Don’t take it for Granted.
  • Chewing The Cud.  Dealing with the Past, so it doesn’t run your show.
  • Your Invisible Captain.  How our subconscious “accidentally drives our actions and our lives.
  • The Holy Grail.  How to modify the subconscious mind to work for you, instead of against you.
  • Your Secret Business Weapon.  How to go from: Hope, Try, Do my best to Commitment.  And to do so in your heart!
  • Understanding the Ladder of Success.  This is getting down to the core of our soul and what drives us in business to succeed or fail.
  • The Video You Will Hate, then Laugh.  Really understanding “how we tick” and the incredible power of Fear versus Passion.  By the way, you already know this material, and believe it, but don’t use it for your success.  I will give you the key!
  • Getting Down to Business of Going Forward.  This is the key to unlocking your personal and business leadership.  It is about igniting your heart with passion again.  I will show you how to do this for you.  Don’t doubt this work, it’s probably the single most powerful segment of what I have done for the last 15 years.
  • Guard At The Door.  Gardens get weeds, we don’t have to plant them.  How to get a lot fewer weeds in your mind, so your productive crop can grow.  This is really hard work.  But it pays huge dividends for the rest of your life.
  • The Brilliance of Small Action.  How to put  “starting fluid” in your engine, so you don’t stall “right out of the gate”.  We can help you to “start your engine”.  You know what you should do, but what stops us from actually taking action.
  • Rev your engine, so you don’t stall “right out of the gate”.  We can help you to “start your engine”.  You know what you should do, but what stops us from actually taking action.
  • Windshields and Mirrors.  This helps you shift your focus, which drives your future.  What we focus on we create.  What are you focusing on?
  • Foot Candles. How to Sustain the Long Journey.  This should become your mantra, if you want magnificent success over time.
  • Paradoxes.  How life can often truly be backwards to what we deeply believe.  Fall in love with giving.  Shift and win.  Or follow the crowd off the cliff.
  • Leadership 101.  What you forgot to remember.  Are you a great leader?  Do you really want to be one?  How would you really know if you are one?  What makes a great leader in any endeavor?  This segment will show you, YOU, and show you what you can become.
  • John Wayne in the Corner Office.  How to take your leadership to a gigantic level, and show up, because you are, bigger than life.
  • Getting Married!  How to Hire the right ‘mate’.  It’s scary.  It could be trouble.  How to navigate these waters and minimize your and your new employees potential pain.  AND, how to empower them from the first meeting to be a great direct report, should you decide to hire them.
  • How to Divorce!  Firing . . . OK, so it didn’t work out.  This is all about: How, When, How to know when, how to do it lovingly and cleanly, so they can move on with their life successfully, and minimize your liability, while protecting your heart during the firing process.

Knowledge vs. an Epiphany
Knowledge is good. But in the beginning is when we see our blind spots which prevents us from achieving our life dreams and goals.

The Work/Life Balance.
This is the triple paradox. What to do with family, what I need to do for work, and what do I want in my own personal desires? How do we juggle all these? Here are the tools for you to find your answers!

Scary Movies in our life.
How to find the courage to pursue your dreams, in the face of fear, which often stops us in our tracks. This becomes especially important at the moment that we face the beginning of success. Because then, and only then, do we have something to lose. I will show how to navigate these dangerous waters.

Teams win… Individuals Do Not!
Conflict, back biting, pointing a finger of blame, and e-mail wars, all kill companies. The key is to choose forgiveness, not blame how we do this. I will help you find the answer for you.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote SpeakingPassionate, articulate, and life changing.  These are the terms I have received from my speaking engagements.  Sizes from 10 people up to 3,000.  Speaking engagements are different from coaching.  There is no verbal two way communication, so I need to know a lot about the group I am speaking to.  I want to know: who they are, what they do, what is their pain, what do they hope to achieve, what stands in the way, why do they want it, what is their payoff, and what group “garbage” or “Dead Elephant” is there in the room?  Let me know how large the group, when, and we will get you a quote.  I want to speak to your group, because at this stage of my life, I want to make a larger difference in the world.  I want to call people to their; greater, higher good.   I once attended a conference in Walnut Creek, CA featuring three speakers.  One was a great speaker Cavett Roberts.  He moved me so, and made a huge difference in my thinking.  At the end of his address, I stood in line and told him; “How magnificent it must be to do this, and make this big of a difference you must make”.  He was great!!  But his answer floored me.  He said: Dan, when we get up here to speak, we know that we are actually changing the lives of 3% of the audience.”  I said; “That must be very difficult and disappointing”.  He said:  “No, we just look for the 3% in the audience to find eye contact with.”  I purposed to be different.  I believe I have.  But this is not to belittle Mr. Roberts.  He changed my thinking and thus my life.  If I can change someone today, then I have improved his 3% percentage.


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